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We are ARMOIRI, a one for one model business, and we passionately love fashion, elegance and style. Fashion is instant language and a way to say who you are without having to speak. Fashion is an art and we are the canvas.

But needless to deny that the industry also contributes to some of the planet's biggest issues as mass production. Climate change, Overconsumption, Overconsumption.

That's why we want to transform it in order to achieve, together, a more sustainable future for fashion. It is not about loving fashion less. On the contrary. The fashion that is good for the planet is already made and we don’t call it pre-owned, we call it pre-loved.

In Armoiri, We sell the best designer pieces and exceptional vintage from private collections at a very affordable prices with huge discounts, up to 70% less than orignal price. Pieces that tell a story.

We appeal all fashion lovers, caretakers of the planet to join our mission.

Together, we can make fashion live forever.


Our business and everything we aim for is to improve lives.


ARMOIRI business model is One for One®: giving away one piece of clothing for every item sold to children in challenging circumstances through strategic partnerships.

All of our initiatives will be shared with our community. Grassroots change starts with us.

Every purchase helps create a more equitable tomorrow, so let's keep moving forward together.


All our products are authentic, mainly sourced from Europe. We choose our items to ensure that what we sell is not only genuine, but of the highest quality.

We work with the best known and most luxurious brands, but also with local designers, based on one factor, and one factor only, to present you with unique, elegant pieces, designs that have a soul and history, that are committed to sustainability and that make your look truly unique and special.

If you are looking for a certain brand or a specific piece to buy second-hand, our professional team will put all their experience and know-how to find your item, they will also give you fashion tips, the latest trends and will propose you different choices and alternatives.

We post daily various articles on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

All our items are shipped clean, and carefully packaged from our workshop. 


We publish everyday new items on our instagram and facebook pages with all the details about the brand, state, size and price.


We have unique items, and for that, we don't make any reservations. First come, first served. 


In order to secure your order, you need to contact us by email, Facebook or Instagram with the details of the article you want to purchase. 


A personal shopper service is available if you're looking for a specific luxurious brand or item. Contact us with the details of the article you are looking for, a response will be given within 48-72 hours, we will confirm to you the availability of the product and the price/or provide you with a wide alternative selection to choose from.



Once we have confirmed your items are available you need to confirm your order.
For that, a partial payment must be made within 24 hours to secure your purchase. Please see our Payment Policy for details.

Upon receipt of payment, we will confirm the purchase, you just relax and wait for it at the comfort of your home.

A message with the tracking number will be sent to you as soon as the package is sent.






An order is only confirmed once the partial payment is made within 24 hours.
No cancelation nor refunds are acceptable. Clear information, pictures and videos of the articles are available in the description to avoid any misunderstanding.


Payment Types Accepted:

Bank transfert
Western Union
Barid Cash



All items come from Europe and are delivered within 15-21 working days. Exceptions can be made.


All goods are shipped Via Amana. Tracking available on all orders. For specific items, a personal delivery is made by one of our team.


All goods shipped directly to your door where access is available.

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Morocco - Spain

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